Our Go-Nuts (Cronut) are still our top sellers. Please remember to pre order if you get more than 6!

The original "CRONUTS" invented by Dominique Ansel have literally gone nuts in New York with people liniing up for hours just to get one. We have created our own version which we are sure will also GO NUTS here in Rotorua! Our GO-NUTS are a Donut/Croissant combined to make a delicious sweet treat. Experience one today at Ciabatta Bakery.

How to judge a CRONUT or GONUT or BRONUT....etc

1. They must have an open and airy layered inside texture similar to a light croissant and not a doughy doughnut, as seen clearly in our photo.

2. The inside colour should be a natural light yellow since they are made with real eggs and butter. Check for darker areas that show higher oil absorbtion, not good! (Deep-fryer not at the right temperature and not good for you.)

3. There should be a golden colour on the outside and light crunchy blistering. If they have a chestnut- like colour, this means they were too long in the fryer.

4. A proper Tahitian Vanilla custard should be found all around the center of the Gonut so every bite includes a bit. Can you see the vanilla seeds? Don't accept cheap fakes as they are showing up now all over the place! Partially filled or unlfilled ones are not the real deal.

5. There should be a nice silky ring of icing on top to complement the Gonut with a unique flavour like, Chocolate, Passionfruit or coffee etc.

6. They should always be fresh, never served on the next day, always kept at room temperature as in the refrigerator they will stale 6 times faster. We make them in small batches all day long so whether you come at 9 or 10 or 12 or 1 they will be amazing. Don't be disappointed if we run out as we limit each day how many we make. Try and come early in the day as we can't book them over the phone - first comes first served rules.

Please contact us or come into our shop to buy this item.